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Okay, maybe not ALL the beers of the world, but our favorites from where we've been!
Dominican Republic:  Presidente (the one and only Dominican beer!)
Bulgaria:  Zagorka (say it loudly and it sounds like a Russian swear word)
Moldova:  Baltika, preferably number 3.  Our all time favorite beer.
Madiera:  Mostly drank Coral, the local beer, but mixed in a few imports from England (huge English tourist island).
Egypt:  Stella (not Stella Artois), and Sakkara.  Beer was supposedly invented in Egypt over 5000 years ago. . . hard to tell by these two brands, pretty mainstream.
Korea:  OB Lager, Cass, and Hite.  Mike preferred the OB Lager (owned by Labatts) and I liked Hite, mainly because I like saying the name.
Benin:  Castel   Adequate for what we needed it for
Mauritania:  Anchor (from Holland).  Only beer there, all had to be smuggled in, as beer was illegal!!!
France:  Carlsberg   We had to drink something. . . French aren't exactly famous for BEER!!!
Jordan:  See above. . .  not a big beer drinking country due to Muslim influence. . .
Spain:  Don't remember. . . except San Miguel. . .
Germany:  Almost too many to list, but we preferred the Augustiner. . .
Japan:  Almost all the beer here gave me a headache, but we drank Asahi, Sapporo and Ebisu the most
Chad:  Chari and Gala, I liked Chari (same name as river that flows through N'Djamena), Mike liked Gala.
Thailand:  Singha or Singha gold, depending on your preference for alcohol content.  Singha has 6%, Singha gold 4.5%.  Would settle for Tiger if we had to.
Burma:  Myanmar and Tiger (although Tiger is not Burmese beer).  Occasionally, a Mandalay, which had a bad reputation the first time Mike was here.
Cyprus:  Official beer was Keo, but admittedly, we drank more Carlsburg. . .
Brazil:  Again, we were torn.  Mike preferred Brahma, but I liked Cerpa
Bolivia:  Taquina, Pacena and Huari.  I liked Huari.
Italy:  Peroni and Nastro Azzurro.  I like Nastro, Mike too!
Tunisia:  Celtia. . . can't say we had more than two of them, drank the all inclusive from the resort!
Cambodia:  Angkor or Anchor.  Hard to tell the difference!
Australia:  Don't drink Foster's, drink VICTORIA BITTER, aka VB
England:  Yes, the English are known for there warm beer, and I didn't care for it much, but Mike drank what ever the local offered!
Jamaica:  The one and only RED STRIPE!
Brunei:  Yea, right.  All beer has to be smuggled in from Malaysia, so mostly Tiger beer.  You can have Carlsburg if you want, or even Guiness.  We opted for the familiar Asian taste of Tiger when we could.  Not a good country for us beer connoisseurs!
Malaysia:  Only drank Tiger, which really isn't Malaysian, but tasted pretty good!
Bali (Indonesia):  Drank a lot of Bintang, which we really liked, and tried some Bali Hai (for the name, basically), which was good, but like a light beer.

Albania - Tirane (same name as the capital), although I don't like it.  Prefer MB, which stands for Macedonian Brewery, close enough.  Although I had a beer the other night I really liked, but we couldn't figure out where it was from. . . Droga, or something like that. 

Papua New Guinea- SP Stubbies was Mike's beer of preference in this sh!t hole.

Hong Kong:  hmmm. . . don't see a lot of Chinese beer, of course there is Tsing Tao, which is okay, a little "spicy" or something.  Been drinking mostly Stella Artois and Carlsberg, although can buy CASES of PABST BLUE RIBBON at the grocery store. . . all the way from exotic Milwaukee, WI!

Greece - The three local beers we've had are Mythos, Virginia, and Alfa. Definitely big on the Mythos.  Alfa is okay, Virginia the worst, but not bad!
Israel:  Two local beers dominating the scene.  Maccabee and Goldstar.  Goldstar wins hands down.

Beijing, China - Back in the land of Tsing Tao, baby!  Although I think we both prefer the Yanjing or Beijing Draft.  Just a little harder to find.
Skopje, Macedonia - The one, the only, SKOPSKO!  In big 1.5 liter bottles. . .
Dubrovnik, Croatia - Has to be the Ozjusko.  Just because it's fun to say and 5.2%.  Although the Irish Pub Katie O'Connor's had very fresh Guinness for the off season.  Not that Guinness is Croatian, but it is STOUT.  AHAHHAHAHAA
Lima, Peru - Cusquena or Cristal.  Liked them both.
Montevideo, Uruguay - Patricia.  My new best girlfriend.